May 28, 2009

Sam and The Flying Saucer Pirates 3


Sam plants an H-time bomb at the flying saucer factory.

The aliens look like the Tar Baby form the "Song of the South" movie and do you think they enlarge the ships after the build them?
I wonder why we don't have adventures like this today?

Maybe we need to get some adventure pants like Sam has. All your adventure people wear them.


Brian Ashmore said...

You know, I think I just figured out what my life is missing.

Adventure pants.

Emmalea said...

I think the adventure pants are a bit prophetic. The adventures from those good old days now come while setting at the computer for hours --- so the pants provide a bit more room for accumulating fat pockets.

Adventure women, on the other hand, found spandex! You have to admit, there is a magic appeal in that material. However, some women need to trade in the spandex for the Adventure men's britches. Yep, one can get too fluffy for spandex!