May 26, 2009

Adventures of Sam Sawyer-View Master


"Sam's radar-telescope tracks a flying saucer."

This is another one from my Uncle Ed's View Master collection.

This is entitled "Sam and the Flying Saucer Pirates".

I can not find out much about these except that the View-Master Company, Sawyer's, invented their own character to increase the sale of their reels. Thus the Adventures of Sam Sawyer were born.

This is from 1951.

Here is the booklet that came with it.


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Brian Ashmore said...

I wonder if Sam is any relation to Tom...Sawyer.

This likes a cool set. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

Brian Ashmore said...

"looks like"


Brian Ashmore said...

Hey, one more thing...

why doesn't the back of the package mention anything about these turning to dust if stored improperly?

You'd think they would want to warn people about that.

Brian said...

Your still bitter about that?

For those of you who don't know what were are talking about please go to this link.

Horatio Viewmaster said...

The reels for this are online at
and Viewmaster Trading Post at

--Horatio Viewmaster (facebook)