May 1, 2009

My Wallet

My youngest son, Joel, just passed his test this week to be a certified lifeguard.
He follows after his brother, Levi, and his sister, Megan, in being a lifeguard.

And they all follow after me.

I saw this card while in the attic looking for something this winter.
It was in a box of stuff that was once the contents of my wallet.

1980? 29 years ago? Seems like yesterday.

Here is the back of my card.

7 years after this Elaine and I bought the instructor, who signed above my name, house.

What else was in that box that was once in my wallet?

These gems.

This came in a card pack with bubble gum.
I carried these until their humor was etched into my mind.
I love to use this type of humor.

It never gets old telling someone that they smell like a flower, Stinkweed.
Well it least it doesn't get old to me.

I know my family gets tiered of hearing it but don't fear I stick to the stuff and keep delivering my trusted lines learned in a bubble gum pack again and again.
I also know my kids will torture their kids with the same lines like "Does your face hurt? Well it's killing me!". (Sniff, sniff)

Here is one other dated treasure.

My library card from elementary school.
I know it was elementary school because I can't remember checking a single book out in high school. I read them in the library but I do not recall checking any out.
Kids today don't have the joy of watching their card being placed into a machine and then having it smash your number onto a card.
Nope just a swipe of the card and your on the way today.

The teacher told us not to loose these because it would cost a couple of dollars to replace them.
My teachers must be proud of me.


Brett said...

I remember those cards! It was always a bummer to get a duplicate, so many slots for pictures with nothing in them. Remember Dad's picture of "my Pride & Joy"? He would pull out a photo of Pride laundry detergent and a bootle of Joy dish soap.

Brian Ashmore said...

Cool finds!!

"1980? 29 years ago? Seems like yesterday."

Don't get me started. 1990 seems like about 3 o 4 years ago.

Oh, btw, I've always thought you had a kind face. :p

...the "pride and joy" gag is great! Going to have to do something like that in my wallet.