May 27, 2009

Dive In To Summer

1976 and it looks like Chad is not afraid to dive in head first into the backyard pool while I look on.
It appears that Mom forgot to put a string in these homemade trunks of his.

I am guessing that it is Chad diving again while we are on vacation in 1977.
The spectator with the afro seems appreciate his diving skills.

What do you do when you want to dive but there is not a diving board and all the warnings signs say "No Diving off the side"? You use the slide. 1978


Brian Ashmore said...

Your brother was just ahead of the curve. Now, all kids wear their pants like that.

Mass juvenile insanity.

Emmalea said...

What a "BUM"!
As I understand the boys were dubbed, "Big But-" (that would be Brian) "Middle But-"(Brett) and Little But-" (Chad) --- and they called their sister, Niki, "Pruney But-" and made her very mad.

What do you expect from Jr.Hi friends when you last name is BUT-ler?