May 22, 2009

Indy 500 1973: Infield

Part of the infield at the track. The 500 museum is the white building in the background.


The drivers and the race are a big draw at the track but they aren't the only draw, there is also the infield.

It is its own world.

The Snake Pit isn't a term I have heard bandied about much in recent years but it used to be on the news as much as the race itself.

All kinds of rowdiness went on here.

People would go to the track and never see a car and go home happy because they had watched all the craziness that had gone on.

The local news always does a story about everything that they find left here after the race. Cars, couches, and t.v.'s. You name it and it is brought here and then left.

Nice "leg" spacers on the tow truck.

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