May 5, 2009

Roy Rogers View Master

Roy Rodgers-1

"The robbers grabbed Roy's friend, Ginger, as a screen. "

My Uncle Ed let me borrow some of his View Master reels.

He has some old ones that I think you will enjoy.

I started with Roy Rodgers Adventure Roundup: The Rag Doll Robbery" reel.

I loved they way the actors "posed" for their pictures.

Here is the sleeve it came in.


Brian Ashmore said...

Don't you think this slide is a bit "regionist" in it's depiction of Western Folk?

Not everyone wore cowboy hats, you know. This stereotype offends my western sensibilities.

Brian said...

What you expect us to believe that not everyone in Montana wears a cowboy hat?

The burden of proof is on you because I have seen pictures.

Besides your western sensibilities sure are sensitive.