Aug 23, 2011

Wooden Bridge on 44

Here is that old wooden bridge on 44.

We visited it the week before they tore it down. (1986/87?)

It was a bridge that you either loved or hated.


One thing that no one would argue about was that it was dangerous.

You can see that as you were about to cross the bridge you could not see on the other side and it was only a one lane bridge.

So you were supposed to go slowly and yeild the right of way to the driver that was higher up on the bridge.

Sometimes two stubborn drive would meet and would stay there until one driver bullied the other one into backing off the bridge.

My Father law is a farmer and he said it was especially never-racking to take heavy equipment across but heavy equipment often helped win the right of way.

He said one time he was crossing the bridge slowly with a combine when another driver pulled onto the bridge.
He said they sat for a minute while he waited for them to back down.

No one moved.

He had the soy bean head on so he turned on the reel and proceeded to move forward.
They promptly backed down.

It is hard to imagine there was a bridge at this spot at all.

It wasn't for a river or a creek. It was for a train crossing.

Glad my Mother in law wanted to explore it before they tore it down or I wouldn't have these pictures of it today

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