Aug 31, 2011

Donkey Basketball 1979

In 1979 Indian Creek hosted a donkey basketball night.

That is my Mom, Emmalea, in the picture above.

I remember the posters in the school that advertised the event the donkey's name my Mom was supposed to ride that night was Rigamortis.

The donkeys were trained to run and stop all of a sudden. Then the donkey would lower it's head and make a slide for the rider to exit the donkey's back.

Pretty fun night for those of us watching.

At half time they had husband and wife teams race to put diapers on the donkeys and a few other things I don't remember.

I do recall that donkey basketball teams had an extra member on the team. The pooper scooper.

I see Joe Parks was announcing the event that night. I also see Mr. Sturgell sitting behind him.

This donkey looks like a possessed calf cow to me. Did they have cows too?

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