Aug 16, 2011

Joel's Last First Day

Joel started his senior year today.

Well practice started a few weeks ago and he has already had a scrimmage soccer game but school started today.

He is a team Captain.

They sure grow up in a hurry.

To prove it Elaine sent me this from her phone.

We have a spot on the wall where we mark the kids heights at the beginning and ending of each school year.

Elaine and I 's heights are on the wall too so the kids to compare our heights.

Mine was always the highest mark.

Until today.


Brian Ashmore said...

Strange, isn't it? Luke just passed me up this summer, height-wise. They are supposed to grow tall but aren't supposed to grow taller than us! That's just all kinds of wrong.

Two in High School for us this year... for the first time. I hope Joel's Senior Year is a great one!

Emmalea said...

Is that why you put the photo of you being taller than me on the blog? I do remember how happy all you guys were to pass me up. (Same with the grandstinkers.)I was an easy mark...
The sad thing I remember about it is that I could no longer wear your jeans - they were WAY too long! Ahh...memories.....