Aug 19, 2011

Mom and Dad's 25th Anniversary

For Mom and Dad's 25th Anniversary we went for a retro 60's theme party.

Elaine's family pitched in to help us as we spearheaded the event. (We means Elaine did it)

Elaine borrowed a maternity dress form the 60's from her Aunt Ann.

Elaine's sister, Diane, is wearing a bridesmaid dress from their Mothers wedding.

Elaine's Dad, Gary, is wearing his letter jacket for Mount Auburn high School.

We put some of Mom and Dad's old pictures on to slides and had a slide show narrated by me.
I mostly made fun of them.

My parents 47 anniversary was Monday.

Mine anniversary was Monday too. (We share it!)
Elaine and I have been married 24 years.
I wonder if our kids will do a retro 80's theme party for our 25?

Man time flies.

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