May 4, 2010


The slide says it is 1974 so by looking at the size of the cat this was the year we got our cat Spooky.

We had Spooky the cat for quite a long time and we learned quite a bit from her.

We learned about birth and that cats eat the after birth. YUCK!!!

We learned how fun kittens are and that Momma cats teach the kittens how to hunt.

Spooky only killed birds to train her kittens. It was fun to watch her students all crouch down and hide as they studied their mothers movements as she went in for the kill.

We learned that for some life was short and that sometimes the kindest thing you could do was really hard to do.

I specifically remember a young kitten that was going to die.
I don't remember the details why. If it had been stepped on, of a dog had mauled it or if was just the runt and couldn't fiend for itself.

One evening my brothers and I saw our Dad talking softly to our Mother.
We also noticed that he was holding a gun.
Seeing the gun we immediately ran over to see what was going on.

That is when we saw the kitten in my Dads hand.
Our parents told us how the kitten wasn't going to make it and that the kindest thing to do was to stop its suffering.

We could see it struggle while our Dad held it.
We were young.
We pleaded for one more day. One more night.
When we woke up and went to check on the kitten we found it dead.

We felt awful.
Dad had us bury the cat and we learned a hard lesson that day.

I don't remember what happened to Spooky but I know she lived a long time.
She was a good cat.


Me said...

Ah, makes me feel good to hear you say she was a good cat!

Pets are a wonderful thing! I thank God daily for the gift of animals. How true that life lessons - life, love, and loss - can all be learned from pets.

Every kid should have a pet growing up!

Remember this sweet feeling when Hershey is sleeping on your head tonight. LOL

Aaron said...

Hi Brian - I just found your site linked at Kirk's "Secret Funspot Blog." These pics you're posting are just incredible! I so enjoy this kind of nostalgia.
Over a year ago I converted my dad's box of slides to digital & have been preparing to post them online in some form or another. I've put a few up already - like this series from an early 70's Christmas.

Just wanted to "meet" you & commend you on your site. I also see you're a believer - always good to meet a brother! I'll be back soon to peruse your blog even more!

Blessings to you & yours -
Aaron Wilson

Brian A said...

Great post. Animals do teach us quite a bit about life, don't they?

Spectergirl said...

Brian: I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award.