May 10, 2010

Indy 500 1976: Salt Walther

Salt Walther in his bicentennial racing suit.

It reminds me of Evel Knievels jumpsuit.

I have posted about Salt before HERE which has video of his awful car crash.
I mention him HERE too.

Dad took a close up of his hands. He had burned some of his fingers off in that terrible crash at Indy.

I still can't believe how close they let us get to the drivers and cars back then. So cool!

Was everything better in the 70's? Probably not but I know that the 500 and the month of May in Indy were far better in the 70's than it is today.


Anonymous said...

Why if your wonderful mother et al have him prosecuted for felony non-payment of child support and now you are so heartwarming? YOU ARE A PHONY! HE SUFFERED! I remember the accident with spectators in the stands, and it was terrible. Y'all are such phonies - your "law enforcement" groups should have experienced what he did, and I feel sorry for him that they didn't stupidly did not. If he was addicted to pain-killers I understand him very well

Anonymous said...

To lose in a burn unit back 40 years ago was a greater ordeal than it is now. "Salt" was trying to do his best, but the so-called 'records' show his as one or the 'worst' and do not respect him. I remember him as someone with bad breaks who wanted to finish with winners, and for that Swede Savage, who was killed in the same year, was another aspiring winner who lose all trying to do his best. Your USA seems to be one which kills its heroes and magnifies its "winner" despite the sacrifices made, and "Salt" was really a 'winner' overall per his perseverance and dedication