May 25, 2010

Indy 500 1976: Jerry Grant

Jerry Grant ran in the Indianapolis 500 in 1965-1968, 1970 and 1972-1976.

Grant was the first USAC driver to break 200 miles per hour mark.

From Wikipedia

"Grant is best remembered for his bad luck at the 1972 Indianapolis 500 that cost him first victory and then second place. He was leading the race comfortably over Mark Donohue when a punctured tire forced him to pit with 12 laps to go. As Donohue went past into the lead, Grant overshot his pit and stopped at his teammate Bobby Unser's. His mechanics changed the tire in Unser's pit, and also refueled the car - from Unser's pit tank. Grant returned to the track and finished second to Donohue, but third-place Al Unser's team filed a protest, saying that Grant had used fuel from another driver's supply. The protest was upheld and Grant's final 12 laps were not counted, dropping him from 2nd to 12th."

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