May 19, 2010

Indy 500 1976: Any Ideas?

I can't read the drivers name on this car so help me out on who it is.

I do see that he was sponsored by Ayr-Way though.


karen said...

Hey Brian,johnny parsons was the driver of the ayr-Way car.cousin karen

Russ Cross said...

That car is No. 92, driven by Steve Krisiloff. Started 23rd and finished 24th. Johnny Parsons, Jr. drove the 93 car. Started 14th and finished 12th. Verified via Carl Hungness Indy 500 Yearbook 1976

Ian Shields said...

I second the motion that it's Krisiloff -- this isn't Parsons' helmet, but it does match up to Krisiloff's.

Further, in the official '76 post-qualifying photo of Krisiloff & car (by then with full "Ayr Way" colors), you can see all the matches of helmet, rear-view mirror pinstripes, etc.

Anonymous said...

Steve Krisiloff no.92 Eagle Offy
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