Jun 25, 2008

Living Room

Here is a nice picture of our living room in 1982.

Black and white T.V. over in the corner. (If I remember right, my parents did not get a color T.V. until I was married. Now that all of us are married and moved out they have a T.V. as big as the wall on the right.)

I can remember Dad saying we wasted to much time watching T.V. in the summer.

We woke up one morning and the T.V. wouldn't work.

I looked behind the T.V. and sure enough Dad had unplugged it.

T.V. in the 70's and 80's was only tolerable until lunch time with such great gems as the Price Is Right and The Bob Braun Show as the highlights of the morning shows. Then soap operas came on and you couldn't make us watch it.

I see the pinball machine off to the right. (I wish we still had that.)

I also noticed the Rubik's Cube and another game on the coffee table where you tried to match all the number on these little gear like things.

The yellow thing off to the right folded into a chair, out flat or wound up into a barrel shape. Winner got this seat for prime time T.V. watching.

I also noticed the pictures on the mantel.

The center is my freshman class picture but Mom has lovingly placed our favorite pictures of ourselves in front of them.

Brett in his football belt out fit, Chad being a clown and me as my alter ego.

Thanks Mom.


Emmalea said...

Brian Ted! I did not put the fictitious photos in front of you guys! You are an imp!But I love you anyway!

Emmalea said...

I think the old ATARI game box is plugged in above the TV. It is probably still in the attic or barn. It also appears that Niki (or Chad) are under the pinball machine. Both siblings had brown plaid shirts. I like having the wall boards white now. The 2 adjoining family rooms are dark. The white walls help brighten things up. However, I am up for change. Suggest a color and let me know when you can be here to paint and we might redecorate for you!