Jun 10, 2008

All Wet

If you have watched the news lately you have seen my stomping grounds has made the headlines.

I am a Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Trafalgar, IN which flooded but not near as bad as Martinsville, Columbus and Franklin.

Here are some pictures of the chocolate river flowing in our basement.

The church is not located near any creeks or ponds. This is just an example of what 10 inches of field run off will do.
Hey we have a river!

We could always turn the nursery into a water park.

After the water left we had super slick mud every where.

My wife proves once again that she is a keeper by sitting in the keep pile.

We saved a few things and had to trash the rest.

We were very fortunate, pray for those less so.


Ike said...

WOW.. I didn't know you all got that much rain.
Did it flood at your parents house?
Hang in there.
I really enjoy all the old photos you have been posting.
Take Care Uncle "Ike"

Emmalea said...

Our place is fine. We sit high enough that we didn't get damage - but around the corner, the road is now closed because a bridge is now out as the culverts washed away.

I have sent some photos on email that someone sent me of downtown Franklin. If anyone reading the blog doesn't get the photos and wants to see them, just email me and I will forward them on.

I don't have any of the flood in Martinsville. They were hit even harder.

We were out of town when the flash floods hit- so we can't even imagine what it was like.

Brian said...

Thanks for the comment Uncle Ike.

I live in Martinsville and the kids school was ruined.

I am real proud of my family though. Elaine and the kids have been over at the school helping clean just about every day.

A lot of damage. A lot of loss.

Edinburgh was hit by a tornado a week before and are flooded now too.

We have had an earthquake, tornado and flooding all in about a month!!

A big thanks to all those who have been helping clean at my church too. It is very much appreciated.