Jun 4, 2008

Down Home

This was a very old slide mounted on glass. It is a picture of my Dad's boyhood home.

Here are some other as well.

I remember staying in the house a few times.

I remember Dad showing me where he carved a picture of Beetle Baily in the door molding upstairs and also pointing out on the roof to where they slept in the summer.

All things he would never have let me do.

Sad that it is out of the family now.


Emmalea said...

Dad has been really going over and over the photos of the old home place. He cannot remember a tree that shows up by the driveway nor the rosebush in front with a broken wheel within it. It has driven him closer to NUTS. He really considered that Brian had been artistic and cloned in some extra stuff. He is still researching old photos he has to see if he can find that tree in any other photos. So far -- it is NOT recorded anywhere that he can find -- including his memory. Uncle Matie was responsible for the glass slides. He was a cutting edge photographer for the University of Michigan - or was it Michigan University. Someone help me with the correct information on Matie's professional photography career. He was a fascinating man.

Anonymous said...

Matie Took Pictures For The University of Michigan. I remember A lot of rosebushes. Also The hill we use to slide down.karen