Jun 5, 2008


Here is Dad eating a bowl of cereal.

Is that a see through linen shirt?

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Emmalea said...

Back "then" the material was called, "Indian Gause". It was sort of like the fabric used now for the "broom stick" skirts. I look for the material to show up again in fashion. It was the same time that madras plaid was in - and I see that look this year in men and women's shorts on the racks. The colors in the madras plaid back then would sort of bleed when it got wet - but that effect would disipate as the fabric dried. I only remember seeing the effect actually happen when we had squirt gun fights -- mostly to watch the plaids change. Be kind. Remember, we didn't have the Internet, YouTube, blogs, email, cell phones, video games, etc - so we were entertained by bleeding fabrics and squirt guns instead.