Oct 17, 2011


We had our monthly family meeting and since it was October we decided to make it a costume party.

My brother, Brett, came as a pirate. Not exactly true.
He came as a younger version of himself as a pirate.
As seen Here and Here

Joel as creepy False Face guy.

Dad as Kentucky chain saw massacre guy. Zoom in on his saw.

Megan as a Lawrence Welk singer.
Adam as a newly transformed Dr. Who.

Levi and Beth were an Amish couple.

Mom was a hand walker guy.

Cousin Sherri was a polar bear and Kevin was ....Kevin.

Delaney was a punk pixie.

Paige was the Sun Drop girl. Reference Here. She also did the dance.

Mom as creepy false face.

Tracey went as our family tree.

Elaine was a kitten.
She is playing a game here.
The game was where you had to reach in a bag and identify it's contents.
She is in the bag which contained squirrel guts.

We played other games too.

One game we had to pass a lifesaver type candy from one toothpick to another without using our hands.
It was a relay game.

Brett had trouble finding a partner.

There were other costumes there too but I didn't get any pictures of them.
Kye was Wesley from Princess Bride.
Blake was a Ghost Buster
Lauren was a cat.

I spray painted my hair black and went as 18 year old Brian.
I got so much black on my face that my wife made me change it too 11 year old Brian jumping a burning pile of trash on my bike.

Another fun night with the Butlers.

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Emmalea said...

It was a blast! Tracy and Brett outdid themselves. Both made us proud to be in the family we are in. At least we get each other. I do think we should of had some videos of a few things - like the lifesaver relay. Good thing Brett used protective eye wear this time. Double patched eyes wouldn't work that well. Blake was the Ghost Buster and I think Chad and Cathy were football fans. FUN!