Oct 25, 2011

Trick or Treat

The above picture is from 1976.
I am almost certain that this was one of our neighbors, the Bradley's.

Seeing the slide helps me recall the night.
We never got very many trick or treater's at our house.
We weren't mean but we lived in the country and your parents had to drive you from house to house.

When I got my drivers license I got the job of driving my younger siblings for neighbor to neighbor.
My little sister would always worry that she would get a rock in her bag like Charlie Brown did.
She fretted about it so much that I always made sure she did get a rock.
I am bad that way.

This slide is dated 1973.

I assume that is the Bradley's again even though I can't really tell by the faces.
Same number of kids though and the same creepy mask. this time it had crazy hair.


Brian Ashmore said...

Making sure your sister got a rock sounds just like you. LOL.

karen said...

Hey Brian, ASK YOUR MOM ABOUT THE SCARY Halloween set up at your house on Lexington ave. sometimes i was afraid. cousin karen

Brian B said...

@Brian = Thanks.

@Karen = I remember those too.
The scary sounds, ghosts and bodies hanging on the porch!

Emmalea said...

Just for the record...that last slide is Brett, Chad (ghost) YOU, and Sherri! How could you have missed that? - or were you just testing us? Your Dad was the one that wanted the identities straightened out. And yes, that was Julie, Lesa, Ken and Amy Bradley. I loved Lesa's pillow case guy. I remember her making it pucker up to whistle. WE did have some fun times at Halloween. This year's party was pretty fun and reminiscent of the good old days, too.