Sep 21, 2011

Wigwam Motel

Every time we go to our family reunion my family also makes a pilgrimage to the Wigwam motel.

I stayed here once when I was very little and I think it was sufficient for a life time but I still love to visit the place.

I fear that it will fall prey to the bulldozers and be forgotten.

So I impress its memory upon my family so it will live on in memory if it is ever torn down.
We had our new son-in-law and the boys had their girlfriends with them so we did more than pull in and soak it in from the car.

We went into the office/gift shop.

Mostly junk was for sale. Some of the things I remember as a kid. Tom-toms and suction cup bows and arrows.

The rest was not even worth mentioning. It seems the owners want to put as little effort into the place as possible.

I did find this little gem though. They only had this one on display so I don't know if it is the big or the small replica.

Megan and Adam.

The wigwams are in an arch around the office/gift shop with a playground in the middle of them.

Levi and Beth.

Joel and Amanda.

The kids.

I hope they put some effort into the place and keep it open for future generations.


Emmalea said...

Aww, who knew Dad and Mom did things that would be such loved memories for you that you would want to pass them on to your kids so they aren't forgotten. That was truly touching to a parents heart. Bless you!
I love the photo of all the kids together. Send me the file so I can have it too!

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