Sep 8, 2011


Here is Megan with her brothers girl friends at this years reunion.
They are sporting the famous/infamous Butler tee shirts.

It was a sea of red this year with Paige and Delaney doing the art work for the back and Megan suggested the name and year for the front of the tee shirts.

In this one Megan, Levi and Kye are wearing the first Butler reunion tee shirts.

I made these the night before the reunion with a silk screen kit I got at a hobby store.
I painted the image directly onto the silk and then printed all the shirts on the dining room table at midnight. (Not recommended!)

Modeled by Megan, Elaine and Levi.

Not to bad for being sleepy, crabby, inexperienced and under the gun.

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Emmalea said...

You forgot to mention that you also drew the design. You were a one man show in 1992. Seems like yesterday. Those first were made to humor me and now it seems the reunion isn't considered complete without a new shirt to add to the collection. 2 years Brad Cooper did the design, and he says he's ready to take it on next year now that his life with a new baby is settling down some. Hope he sees this post so he can see what you were able to do with 2 babies.
You are awesome, son.