Aug 16, 2010


Chad and I playing on a slide in 1974.
I think I see Brett in the back ground wearing his number 32 shirt.

Looking at this slide reminded me of the joys of a good slide.

• It seemed a slide was more fun when you would climb up it any other way other than the ladder.
• I remember that it was rare for me to get a good slide run, I always seemed to stick to the slide and just creep down it.
• Remember slide burns?
• How about having to jump at the end of the slide to miss the puddle or mud that was always there?
• How about holding onto the support bars and then walking up the bottom of the slide and then flipping over?
• Group slides where three or four of your friends would stack together behind you and you all slid down all at once?
• A good slide had a bar over the starting point where you could swing back and forth to build up speed before you launched down the slide.
• Proving how cool and fast you were by being able to run up the slide without grabbing the edge on the way up.

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Emmalea said...

That was a whole lot of memories provoked there - and no comments. I think I know why. All your lurkers are out playing on playgrounds and sliding down slides.

I don't know about kids today - how they view the playground etc, but I do know that those memories you poked at are the same ones left over from over 60 years ago with me and dad. In fact, a few years ago a bunch of girlfriends went to Province park and found the biggest old slide there (now replaced with some little old thing) and took our wax paper and had a time and half climbing, launching and sliding. Unfortunately the matured hips kept us from doing the train successfully though.

Thanks for the memories SON.