Aug 5, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!


Me said...

Thank you handsome.

If I remember correctly, this picture was taken at your 20th birthday party. I was soon to be 16, and it was the summer between my sophomore and junior year.

Crazy that Joel is that age now! lol

Brian B said...

You are exactly right!

How did you remember that?

Emmalea said...

Happy Birthday from sunny Florida! Once again we miss your birthday, but glad the church had the early one for you last week.Hope you have enjoyed a full birthday week.

I love that photo of you. I do remember that day. You were sitting in our family room on the floor, I think. Cute cute girl. No wonder Brian fell in love so quickly. Wasn't that just a couple of years ago? Time sure flies.
Love you, Elaine.

A City Girl said...

What an awesome picture and graphics. Happy Birthday Elaine!

Brian Ashmore said...

Happy Birthday, Elaine. I hope you had a good one!