Aug 20, 2010

Brett 1968

I assume that this is a birthday present that Brett in enjoying.
A practical toy for a kid. A car that holds your wooden blocks.
The more I think about it Brett sort of does that for a living.
He doesn't drive a truck but quotes on how many blocks it will take people to build stuff.
I wonder if he wore this outfit to work to day?
Notice the I am a true first born and made sure that I got into the picture.

Here he got the people form Extreme Home Makeover some supplies.
Brett is in the middle.

One of Brett's coworkers.

The Construction that Brett worked on.

I haven't seen the episode but I have heard some stories from Brett's experience.
Maybe he will share some in the comments.

He told me it was rainy and he enjoyed the donuts so much he took a picture of them.

Move that Bus!

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Angel said...

Hey! I'm obsessed with that show! Let me know when it airs! Do you know where is was built at?