Dec 21, 2009

Top Ten Favorite Childhood Christmas Gifts

I was tagged at the blog Yesterville Toy Room to list my top ten favorite childhood Christmas toys.
I ranked these by how much I played with them and or thoroughly enjoyed the toy.
So here they are in order.

#1. The aluminum saucer sled!

We wore these out. Great present and they lasted for years even after putting multiple dents in them.

#2 Super Toe

This is a toy that we played with and played with.
I think we played by the rules for a couple of hours and then we played a horse style game that we made up from then on.

Very durable toy.

#3 Jolly Rodger Pinball Machine

This was such a total surprise on that Christmas morning.

Atari was around then but to have an actual pinball machine at home was awesome!
We also got a couple of albums that year so we stacked them up on the stereo and played pinball all Christmas day. And the next. And the next. And the next.

#4 K-Tel Fun Skis

Great toy. Little pieces of plastic that you stood on a skied down the hill.
We never even broke a bone.

#5 Radio Controlled Batmobile

It was my first radio controlled car and it was the Batmobile! Double goodness!
I still have this toy but mine is not in as good as shape as the one in this picture.

I kinda got the radio control thing out of my system with this car. Never wanted another one.

#6 Ghost Gun

We sat in the closet under the stairway and blasted ghosts for hours.
You put a piece of paper in the gun that projected a ghost onto the wall. When you shot at the ghost a hole would appear on the projection and the paper.
Very fun.
#7 AM FM Radio

Grandma and Grandpa White got all us grand kids our very own radio one Christmas.
Most of the stations were AM then. The cool station was WIFE AM in Indy at the time.
Because I had this radio I was there when FM took over.
The cool station then was WKIS Kiss 99 FM.

#8 Ricochet Racers

I don't think this one lasted very long but it was fun.
You loaded cars in a shotgun type shell and then aimed and launched them at each other. Crash!

#9 The Magic Hat

I wanted this so bad one Christmas but alas it was not under the tree.
I know I had asked for it and it alone that year.
I had shown Mom the picture in the Sears and JC Penny's catalog and still didn't get it.

We went to my Uncle Georges late Christmas day and low and behold Uncle George and Aunt Pearl had gotten it for me.
I immediately amazed them with my magic abilities.

#10 Billy Blastoff

One of the first toys I remember playing with and thinking cool.
This was probably around 1969.
He walked and operated other equipment when you plugged them into him.

Thanks Yesterville for the trip down memory lane!


Brian Ashmore said...

Awesome list! Thanks for playing. :)

You listed so many things that I forgot about. I wanted one of those ghost guns but never got one. Cool. I had also forgotten about Ricochet Racers. The launcher looks very Evel Knievel-ish.

Man, that pinball machine really takes the cake. I can't imagine how cool that must have been to wake up to a full-size pinball machine. What a blast!

I was toying around with listing a magic set, too! I got one for Christmas in 1976 (no hat, though) that I just loved playing with and learning to do the tricks. However, I took it over to a friend's house that lived a couple of streets over. I was running through the snow in his back yard to get to the front and tripped. The box opened and about half of all the pieces to the set scattered into the soft snowbanks. I never did find most of them I lost. Thanks for reopening that wound. Heh.

That Batmobile is really cool, too! I've never actually seen one of those. Neat that you still have it, too.

Me said...

You have an amazing memory! Your Christmas reminiscing made me do some of my own - so I decided to play along.

chunky B said...

Man, I wish we had more snow here : ). You had some stuff I had totally forgot about on your list but the memories came rushing back as soon as I saw the pics.

Thanks and Merry Christmas BB

Brian B said...

Merry Christmas to you too Chunky!