Dec 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett

Happy birthday little brother.
I say little meaning I am older than he is not that I am taller than him.
This is Brett opening presents in 1973.

The first thing I notice is the Mego Tarzan in the box on the floor.

I also see a paint set and another box I can't make out to the left.
Brett is wearing some cool moccasins too.

I am guessing Brett is messing with a gun holster.

Brett is never more than a chest hair away from some sort of weapon.

I also noticed a left over Halloween decoration on the floor.

This next Christmas is four years later, 1977.

I'm not sure what is in the box but I can just hear Brett's thoughts now.

"Oh! I hope it's a sweater! No. A sweater vest! Yeah that would be cool."

"No it's the box is to heavy. Oh boy! Oh boy!"

At this point Brett says out loud.
"I hope it is something to do with the second amendment!"

I say, while digging through my stocking looking for something Batman.
"What in the world are you talking about?"

Brett replies. "You know the second amendment? The right to bear arms."

Which after hearing this I look at him and this is what see in my mind.


Brett said...

Thanks "older brother". I remember sliding across the carpet in those cool moccasins. I admit, I started shaving my arms at an early age. My other passion is deer. I always made sure that Rudoplh was in the 17th on the felt Christmas calendar, so I got to put it on the tree.

Emmalea said...

......and you (Brett) were "R" in the alphabet program in Kg. Which you said, "R is for reindeer, they mount to the sky!" You wore an adorable reindeer head covering. Remember???? Who knew that someday you would be killing deer every chance you got!
Kids sure change.......
(Love the bear arms!!! LOL)

Brett said...

The line was "R is for reindeer that Santa Claus flies, we race through the sky!" It's scary that I can recite that from 1973.