Dec 15, 2009

Cousins 1966

Aren't I a nice little sailor?

Mom is holding me and my cousins with us are Ann, Georgina, Steve, Gary, Trina, Karen and Larry.

I might have Gary and Larry switched.
Maybe Karen will correct me in the comments.


Emmalea said...

I guess this was the original Butler Cousins Club! The occasion was a birthday party for Jesus.

I was so happy to get to use the coveted family Santa in the Chimney cast iron cake mold. I own the old lamb cake mold now. Mom bought it for my first birthday so I was a shoe-in for the heirloom.

Karen said...

Brian, you are right in the names. where are we and where are my front teeth.Great picture. Love cousin Karen

Emmalea said...

Karen this was at our house (ted and emmalea's) on Standish Ave. Brian's first and 2nd year were spent in 2 doubles - 2 different houses built side by side. They were just north of what was Indiana Central College - which is now called Indianapolis University.