May 22, 2008


I am not sure what this party was about. New house?

I see mostly the Gordon side of the family but who is the guy in the tank top?

Can you name everyone in this picture?

I can't.


Emmalea said...

Not sure what the occasion was either - but Butler and Gordon families are represented.It was not a house warming because there is grass. Grass didn't appear in the back yard for several years. Our first successful crop to grow was dandelions as shown in recent posted photos.

Around the card table in the foreground are Ron White (Mom's step-brother) Grandma Ethel Welton (Mom's step-grandmother) Grandpa Chet White (Mom's step-father)... and Aunt Lorey Gordon(Uncle Myron's wife).

In the background is Mom's great-aunt Elvie, Aunt Lorraine Gordon, (Uncle Ed's wife) -- she is probably in conversation with Aunt Carol but all you can see is feet under the lawn chair - then Uncle Jerry's wife at the time (Sherri's Mom) Aunt Laura sits in front of the brick wall--- then Mom's mom, Grandma(Gordon)White is standing on the patio. Last but not least - Uncle George Butler. Pretty sure he was there to provide us his famous BBQ chicken for the Gordon/Welton gathering. He did that for Mom's family a few wonderful times. It was quite a treat and George was a Master at the art of BBQ. The BBQ was worth a reason to plan a family gathering. We miss those days. We miss Uncle George.

Emmalea said...

OOPS - Dad caught that I missed namng Aunt Pearl Butler(Uncle George's wife). She is sitting on the patio in front of Grandma White.