May 30, 2008

Kentucky Birthday

Lesli Kay, Aunt Dixie and Uncle Leslie.

I remember this night. It was the only meal I remember eating at my Aunt Dixie's house.

I remember Dad telling us to watch Dixie because she reminded him so much of his Mother when He was a boy.

I also remember that we had brussel sprouts that night and I think that was the first time I had seen these little cabbage looking things.
Dad and the cousins took us out to the garden and showed us them growing there.

The garden prompted Dad to tell me that they had found me under a cabbage leaf in the garden, and that they had brought me in and cleaned me up and decided to keep me.

This concerned me because I had also been told that they found me in a pile of manure in a barn lot, took me in and cleaned me up and decided to keep me.

I pretty sure I was also told that a stork brought me as well but I remember picking my little brother Chad up at the hospital.

He has been dirty ever since. So I think that the dirtier the environment you were found in the cleaner you will be an the opposite applies to being found in a clean environment.

It seems that there are various ways to find children but I am just glad they cleaned me up and kept me.

It looks like it was Brenda's birthday that night to.

I count 16 or 17 candles.

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