May 21, 2008

Mow the Dandelions Snow

1978 brought Dad a riding lawn mower.
Here it is brand spanking new.
The first time I mowed with it I ran over a hammock that was laying in the yard.
I looked at it and thought the mower deck would clear it. It did but the amazing vacuum blade action sucked up the hammock into the blades. Oops.

I know it also mowed over downspouts, crawdad mounds, trees of various sizes. sticks, baseballs, golf balls and an action figure.

Oh I almost forgot it also mowed millions of dandelions.

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Emmalea said...

Dad's deligent work in iradicating dandelions and mowing a "lawn' that he invisioned has paid off! Stop by anytime and see the same spot in the back yard. It now looks like a golf course, and seldom has a yellow flower bloom in the sea of green!

In the early years when Dad mowed, it looked much like he was shoveling snow during this portion of the dandelion stage -- except the clothing he wore.

There were hidden blessings in the acres of what most people consider weeds. During the flowering stage of the weed, from chubby little fists, we were presented with endless bouquets of yellow flowers. And each bouquet of brignt flowers was accompanied by an even sunnier smile of pride and love. I couldn't help but wonder at the time, if these guys would grow up to be florists...especially one year that we offered them a penny each for every yellow flower they brought us!

Don't tell their Dad but the boys and I were responsible for the ever increasing propigation of the crop of dandelions in the backyard for a few years. After the yellow flowers faded, we had fun challenging each other's ability to cleanse the parachutes of fluff from the lanky stems we plucked.

As each tiny seed floated in the wind, although there was a strong possiblily of it planting a future "weed" - more importantly - the slobbery spit propelled freedom of the seed, represented a memory made that would bloom forever in my heart.

So when Dad and I saw the photos of him mowing "fluff" - it also brought back endless memories made during the fleeting years of our kid's hanging out with us in their Trafalgar home.

You can't go back --- but you can enjoy the memories!