Oct 20, 2015

Football 1978 Style

Thats right.  In 1978 we didn't wear shirts when we played football.
Jerseys were for sissy's. 

These are my brothers Brett and Chad.  I am probably inside watching cartoons.

Those are not helmets either.  It is just their hair.
I can almost smell the pads looking at this picture.  Whew!


Kinda funny to look at Dad's yard.  The trees are so small that you can see the neighbors house.  Not now!
Dad's yard is a forest now.  We camp in the back part but when we were kids it was like a pasture until the Arbor-man bought it.  (AKA Dad)

Dad loves trees.
He and Mom went to the Grand Canyon and Mom said he looked at it for a few minutes and said "Lets go."  Mom said "What about a hike to the bottom or something? " "Nope.  No trees".
So they left.  Just a big hole in the ground he said.

Dads house has lots of mature trees.
Thanks Dad.  I love them too.


Emmalea said...

Awww - so happy you have posted again. This is like the OLD way to do Instagram, I reckon. Such cute little boys....what happened? :)

Trees-R-us - yep the Grand Canyon didn't have enough trees to warrant more than a couple of photos of the big old hole in the ground.


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