Mar 14, 2011

Bobby Payton

No animation today so you can stop looking for it.

I found this in the pile Dad was recycling. It was really dark and I couldn't make it so I thought I would scan it to see what it was.

I played with it in Photoshop for awhile to even make out what it was.
It is from an airplane so I think I took it the slide.

I rotated the picture around a bit trying to figure out whose house it was.

I then noticed something.

People waving at me.

Then I recognized the place.

It was my friend, Bobby Payton's, house.

I meet up with him last year and he is now a pilot.
I tried to reminisce with him but he didn't remember hardly anything from high school.

He said he had a horrible memory.

Bobby this is What I remember and how I know for sure this is your house.

The barn.

This is where you held up a conibear trap and said "I think your punch is fast enough to make it through without smashing your hand.".

It wasn't.

The golf green.

Bobby and his brother worked at a golf course in the summer.
Each time they sowed the greens they took a pinch of seeds home and they built their own green.

It was nice. They had a nine hole course in their yard. We shot form nine different places in the yard and they all ended up on the same green.

The electric fence.

I had a golf ball land against this fence.
We thought my club had a rubber grip and was insulated. I took a swing at the ball and got the biggest shock I have ever gotten. I can still feel it. I can still hear Bobby laughing.

The garage.

Bobby boxed golden gloves and he would have me come over and spar with him.
He said it was because I had such a long reach.
I think it was because I had an open face.

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