Mar 3, 2011

Disney World Alien Abduction


I salvaged this slide from a pile that Dad was tearing the paper off the slide to recycle.

After I scanned it I was looking at it and was trying to decide what to animate in it.
Then I noticed that guy.

I looked back in the pile and found another picture taken at the same time and the same guy was in it too!

Look for yourself.Click on image to enlarge

Goofy guy looking like he is posing for Dad, right? Funny.

Now look at the other picture I found in the stack.

Same guy but now he is totally creepy.

Is he checking out Mom?
Maybe he is looking to abduct one of us kids? Dad was always warning us about this happening.

Then it came to me as I concentrated on the slide.

What is that expression of his?
What was he thinking?

Then I found myself looking where he was looking and thinking what he was thinking!

Does Disney World have a nursing home day?

Mystery solved.
CSI's got nothing on me.


Brian Ashmore said...

I think Disney's frozen head might be in that flying saucer... just a guess.

Nice detective work on what that dude was up to. I think you are right. He does seem to be a bit perplexed to see so many little old ladies in a bunch like that. That's pretty funny.

Emmalea said...

I think I saw this guy on Criminal Minds the other night! --- perhaps they will contact you about helping them on investigations.