Jan 11, 2011


Well Elaine and I made it through.

We did our best to make it as magical a wedding as we could for Megan and Adam.

Every seemed to enjoy it and we loved that so many family and friends came out on a snowy night to celebrate their marriage with us.

Elaine and I made it as Disney as we could with help of many friends. . .

But it did wear us out!


So more snow is coming down today and as I drove into work I got this picture sent to my phone.

Sunny 72 at Coco Bungalow.

Have a great week Megan and Adam.

Love Mom and Dad


Me said...

Aren't you glad we have just one girl?

Jay Amabile said...

very nice, glad it went well!

Aaron said...

Congrats to the new couple.
And the parental units too!

Brian B said...

Thanks for the well wishes.