Sep 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend had us making our trip to Kentucky and our family reunion.

Elaine, Joel and I left Saturday before lunch and took our time going down to Tomkinsville.
Take our time means that we played around a little bit in Cave City.

Cave City is a tourist trap town with all kinds of things Kentucky to do.
One of my favorites is Big Mikes.
On the front porch of Big Mikes was a coin operated Batmobile.
On a previous trip to the reunion, 1992, I found this Batmobile in Glasgow, Kentucky outside a Walmart.

After I rode in it I let Megan and Levi take a turn.

At that time there wasn't a Joel yet.

Joel made up for his missed opportunity this year.
I got in another ride too.
I might not have been as enthusiastic as I was when I was younger but I still had to sit in it.

I know it had been repainted but it was the Batmobile.

Big Mike had other coin operated rides from the past on it's porch too.

They also had a big thing or marbles.

That was just the porch.

Here is what it was like on the inside.

If it had Kentucky printed on it they sold it.
There are several items that used to be a staple at these stores that I keep my eye out for but didn't find them.
The man thing I always look for is the man in the outhouse that turns around and pees on you.

Big Mike let me down but if you look closely in the picture you can see giant underwear hanging up.I did spy a vintage decal advertising Mammoth Cave.

I didn't miss seeing Big Mo either.

The boys tried on some hats.
I looked under a giant penny.

The girls humored us.

The junk shop is fun but the real reason I stop here is for the Mystery House.

It only costs a dollar so we did it twice this weekend.

Check back later to see what mysteries lay withing.


Brian Ashmore said...

Great post!! ... and I thought I wasn't going to have anything to put on the tree this year!

That is SO cool that the ride-on Batmobile was still there after all these years. Interesting that the Batsymbol on the side from 1992 is the one from Keaton's costume with the extra spikes.

Big Mo looks like he was a formidable beast... cool stuff.

I wish my Labor Day weekend had been as much fun as it looks like you guys had.

Emmalea said...

Brian A...YOU must come to the Butler Reunion. We have friends that brought their kids there when they were about 10 and 14. They still talk about it like it was yesterday. (Brian B. that's the Olibo family). A great find that weekend for their boy was a rubber band gun that he shot flies with. Found only at the Watermelon festival.
Save your change for vacation money and join us next year. I promise YOU a coveted Butler Reunion T-shirt. 74 had the shirts this year.