Sep 3, 2010


Looks like Uncle Jack came over for some Chef Boyardee pizza.
It was 1973 and Chad seems awestruck by our Uncle.

I was looking at the Tupperware cups when I noticed Foghorn Leghorn on the table.

I remember they day I got him.
We were on one of our many trips to Dad's hometown in Kentucky and on this trip we had also visited the taxidermy museum in Cave City.

The entrance of the taxidermy museum is a huge gift shop and Dad had let us pick out something to take home.
I chose this guy.

Wish I could say that I still had him.

I am tempted to stop at this museum every time I go through Cave City to see if I can find him again.

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Brian Ashmore said...

I do declare... that is one fine-looking Foghorn Leghorn.