Dec 13, 2010


My family and I have the pleasure of hosting Spock as part of his Spockation across the country tour.
Fellow blogger, Chunky B of Eclectorama, keeps us up to date on Spock, his whereabouts and adventures across the nation.
Here is the chronicle of his stop with us. Link
I had hoped to do more with Spock when he came but we pretty much just celebrated Thanksgiving all week when he was with us.
Thanks for letting us host him Chunky B!


chunky B said...

Thanks again to you and your family for hosting Spock!

Emmalea said...

It was fun seeing my big boy play with a doll again. He sort of gave that up for a few decades....well there is that Batman thing he just couldn't shake. Spock fit right in with the family. Hope he has a great Christmas...wherever his travels take him.

Brian B said...

It's an action figure Mom!!!

Angel said...

It's a doll, just with different anatomy!!! Or should I start calling Barbie an "action figure"! HA!